Car Culture Singapore

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Having a car in Singapore might not be what you think and although we are not discouraging you, we just want you to be sure what you are getting yourself into. If you’ve been a fan of cars growing up or if you are just trying to purchase a car to make your life more convenient, there are a few things you need to know.

Sadly unlike other countries, Singapore is not that big which means it does not have that much land which means it does not have that much roads which means, well, you guessed it, it cannot have that much cars. The traffic in Singapore is becoming a big deal and although the public transportations are working just fine, owning a private vehicle may still be something you want to have.

Here are a few things you may want to know and Singapore driving.

1. Left side driving. Due to Singapore’s history with the British, driving on the left side has become their norm and although it might not seem like a big thing, if you are used to right side driving, this could be a problem for you.

2. Car ownership rate 12-100. This means that about 1 in 8 people have cars which is not that bad but considering the rate of how population is increasing, this could be a problem as traffic would get worse than it already is.

3. License policies. Singaporeans tend to be very strict when it comes to their license. In fact, one of the requirements is to take a 50 question test in 50 minutes and you are only allowed to get 5 mistakes. Not too bad but it might be a bit harsh don’t you think? The good thing about Singapore is that there is no need to renew your license and this allows you to drive without much worries about dealing with your license unless of course you commit certain violations.

4. Buying a car. The most dreadful part of having a car is buying one. The lifespan of your ownership when it comes to having a car in Singapore is ten years. This means that if your car has exceeded that amount of time, you won’t be able to drive it anymore.

Although owning a car in Singapore may be a bit difficult, if you really want to own your vehicle, you definitely should. Cars in Singapore aren’t a bad thing, just make sure that you are a responsible driver.

Tips On Dealing With Glare While On The Road

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Driving at night is challenging here in Singapore and the world because of the absence of light. You have to be good with driving if you set to travel every night. Remember that the lives of your passengers totally depend on you. With this, it is important that you know how to deal with one annoying thing – glare. Glares are annoyingly painful and uncomfortable.

Glares refer to harsh brilliant light. Most road-related accidents happen because of glares. Luckily, there are some tips that you can consider to keep your passengers safe on the road especially at night. Here are some:

• Cleaning the front of your windshield and windows: This is basic but it should be emphasized. You will be surprised how it can cut down glare when driving at night. When glass are streaked or dirty, the light that hits them will spread thereby creating glare. It does not end there because dirty windows can affect your visibility; it will harder to see things around you. Cleaning the front of your windshield should be a priority. You can clean the windshield and windows personally but if you want it to be pristine, you should head to a car wash station.

• Adjust side mirrors: Your side mirrors are essential in the conduct of your safety therefore it should be utilized properly. Adjusting mirrors not only keep the glare but also it is your way of knowing what is behind you. Now the key here is to properly adjust it.

• Adjust rearview mirror: Rearview is important tool as well. If the glare of the cars behind you is too much, you can switch to night driving mode. Some cars have this feature so it is imperative that you check your manual. If you do not have this feature, adjust the mirror so you do not have to stare with the glare directly.

• Check your vision: When all else fails, there might be something wrong with your vision. You have to go and check with the doctor because you might need glasses. You have to keep in mind that as you age, your vision tends to deteriorate and finding something to aid it is important.

Now this sounds simple but it can save lives if you take it seriously. You cannot easily miss glare because it is staring right in front of you. No matter the circumstance, you have to use your best judgment especially when driving. It can be overwhelming but nothing beats being extra careful on the road.

Introducing the EVA Taxi  

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We are aware that we have limited fuel resources. Knowing this, we have to utilize our resources well before things go south. With this being said, scientists are looking for ways to sustain things. We have to look forward to the future brightly because in terms of transport, electric cars hold much potential. In fact, many people see electric cars the future of transport.


Singaporeans welcome the idea of electric cars in the future but there are many issues behind it. Electric cars have limitations but if these limitations are addressed, things will be better. One limitation is the frequency of charging it and the inadequate infrastructure to support it. These things are just temporary because scientists and experts are finding ways to materialize this.

As a start, taxi industry here in Singapore thought about utilizing electric cars. On April 24, 2015, it unveiled a car named EVA. EVA is the pioneering electric car to be designed, developed and produced locally. EVA is the partnership of Technische Universitat Munchen and Nanyang Technological University. Here are other things that we need to know about EVA:


  • Background: EVA was developed not out of whim. Industry leaders and stakeholders studied the market by using observational analysis when it comes to the behaviour of consumers here. Taxis spend more hours on the road compared to traditional cars. With this, developers designed EVA to be efficient and sturdy.
  • Charging: Taxi drivers consider charging as a problem. It was at first but developers found a way to cover at least 200 km with just fifteen minutes of charging. Studies revealed that (on ordinary days) a taxi can cover at least 520 km. This means that taxis need only at least three charges per day.
  • Other challenges: Aside from charging, there are other challenges. There’s the high electricity currents and heat. Developers claimed that they already managed to get the solution for this. Engineers working with them designed thermal management that can extend the lifespan of the battery cells.
  • Features: EVA is made of carbon fibre. It has a maximum speed of one hundred eleven kilometres per hour. Drivers need not fret because once the infrastructures are present and readily available, upon contact, EVA will charge automatically. EVA offers air conditioning system and climate controls. Let it be said that in-car entertainment is also included.

Though we are not an automotive manufacturing country, we can be a leader in electro mobility by developing EVA. This technology will benefit the economy in the long run. Let us welcome EVA with open arms. She will be a big help.