Best Taxi Booking Apps to Use in Singapore

Need a cab to take you and your kids to a summer class or on your playdate? No need to worry. With these five taxi booking application, you no longer need to call for one through your phone, or wave your arms to flag it down on the side of the road. All you’ve got to do is state your location and your taxi will come zooming straight to your place and to your destination.


  1. Comfort and Citycab. This app started the taxi booking craze in Singapore when it was first launched on app stores. Unlike other booking apps, Comfort and Citycab doesn’t require you to be a registered user to book a cab. Although it’s capable of tracking your current location through GPS, it may be better to manually enter your address to allow drivers to get a more accurate direction.
  1. Easy Taxi. Easy Taxi is one of the most popular booking apps in Singapore, as it books cabs fast and easy. Just by clicking the ‘Call Taxi’ button, your app will automatically detect your location and call the nearest taxi in your area. Once your booking has been confirmed, you’ll be able to view some of the important taxi information including the taxi model, car plate number and the driver’s phone number. Aside from that, Easy Taxi also lets you know how far the taxi you booked is from your current location.


  1. Grab Taxi. Created by a MyTeksi, this app connects you to almost all taxi drivers in Singapore. It automatically detects your current location and shows an estimate of the fare you’ll be paying once you get to your destination. Once you click the ‘Book Now’ button, the app will then contact the drivers near your location until one of them accepts your taxi booking.
  1. Taxi Monger. Unlike other taxi booking apps, Taxi Monger is still on a small scale number and are only available in specific parts in Singapore. It shares similar mechanics with other available taxi booking apps, but what sets it apart is you get to pre-book your taxi for a specific time and date. Also, you can use this app to book a ride from Singapore to some selected areas in Malaysia.
  1. SMRT. Similar with Comfort and Citycab, SMRT is also among the first companies to launch a taxi booking app in the Little Red Dot. You can start booking a taxi by manually entering your location or allowing the GPS to detect your whereabouts. Also, you get to specify the type of cab that you need. Be it a 4- or 7-seater, or a limo cab.

Taxi booking apps has really been a great help in making our cab commutes easier and faster. So download and install any of these apps now and make going around Singapore more enjoyable and a lot easier for you.