Behind Compulsive Eating

If you have kids, you know the importance of food. If your kids do not have food struggles or weight issues, you are lucky. However, if you think your kids are suffering from compulsive eating, it is time that you change that so they can live a healthy life. It is crucial that you stop their compulsive eating while they are young.


Correcting the eating habits or attitude of your kids is not easy but it is a necessary step towards a healthier life. Kids ages 6 to 12 usually suffer compulsive eating. You should know the compulsive eating is a defence mechanism of children. When you see your kid eating compulsively, you should look around. Are there troubles in your home? Are there troubles at school?


You need to identify the source and help your kid towards a healthier path. Your doctors can help too. You can develop ways to help your kids cope with compulsive eating if you identified the problem. Compulsive eating has nothing to do with being hungry. It is only a habit developed by kids (and eventually adults) to ease boredom, stress, anxiety and depression.

As a parent, you simply want your kid to be healthy and happy. You do not want them to grow in misery thinking how obese they are. The first thing that you should do is encourage them to eat healthy and avoid buying unhealthy foods. Compulsive eating is a habit but it can be a grave health issue when your kids grow up. You should not let them be that way. You need to be careful and avoid depriving them.

Here in Singapore, there are parents who are dealing with compulsive eating. Parents should make sure that their kids do not develop the habit until they are old. The best part here in Singapore is that people are increasingly aware of the benefits of healthy eating.