Altering an Heirloom Ring

An engagement ring is something women wear every day, so it would be essential to have one that she loves and speaks true about her personality. For an heirloom ring, reimagining and resetting would be a great idea to transform it into something she’d love to wear every day while still keeping every element and sentimental value of the heirloom piece intact. However, the question is, how do you find more style with something you have? Here are some tips to resetting an heirloom wedding ring.


1. Work Closely With a Jeweller

If creating a ring from scratch, get your jeweller involved in the planning process—so he can tell you what’s possible and what’s not. If the bride-to-be is involved in the planning, it would be a big help to have her send photos of rings she loves to the jeweller. Expert jewellers can easily spot a certain theme in a bevy of images sent to them, and come up with a relevant design that the bride will surely love. If you are in the market, Ling Jewellery has beautiful wedding rings in Singapore to consider that are unique yet classic. If it’s just you, the groom, who’s going to have the ring remodelled, share some insights about your girl so the jeweller would get a clearer picture of your better-half’s style.

2. Plan for the Setting

First of all, don’t feel restricted to the old style of the ring. The shape of the engagement ring stone should not limit your setting options. Although it’s much easier to pop a round diamond into a round prong setting, if it isn’t the style you think your future fiancé would want, you don’t have to go for it. If you get an heirloom piece and it’s not in the style you want, your jeweller’s creativity and exceptional metal works can make any existing stone look different.

3. Decide for the Metal

Once the stone design is settled, the next thing to plan for is the metal. Changing the band colour of the ring can affect the look of the stone, too. If you have a diamond that’s no longer crystal clear, and you have it set in a bright platinum metal, it can make your stone look yellow and dull. On the flip side, have your diamond set in yellow-gold metal as it can enhance the stone’s colour to a more desirable yellow.


4. Recycle Remains

If you like the metal used in the heirloom ring, your Singapore jeweller can melt and re-form it for you. If you wish to change the metal or some of its stones, ask the jeweller for trading them in for credit; or create something entirely new (e.g. earrings, bangle, and wedding bands) so the material—and the sentimental value it holds—won’t go to waste.

5. Have It Insured

Because resetting a precious heirloom piece entails risks, don’t forget to insure it before you go through all the process. In case your diamond gets damaged during the process, you’ll at least be able to cover a portion or all of the loss.

6. Brighten Up With Colours

Adding colourful gemstones is another way to update the look of your vintage jewellery. Choose stones with rich bold colours or for the belief of what it symbolizes. For centuries, sapphires are believed to represent loyalty and honesty, while rubies promise undying love and passion. Have your heirloom diamond as the major centrepiece of the ring, while other gemstones serve as additions to complete the look of your proposal ring.

For many Singapore bridal couples, the ideal engagement ring is the one that has been passed down from generation to generation in the family. But since we cannot expect these jewelleries to look as breathtaking as the pieces we have today, we remake them into something more fashionable and wearable. Let these tips be your guide to remaking your heirloom ring into a piece of jewellery she will love to wear for the rest of her life.