Alkaline Water and Its Special Uses

What is it recommended to drink? Alkaline water is water that has high alkaline content and that has been recognized as the best health enhancing type of water. It has many properties that make it beneficial to the body’s system in obtaining optimum health.


• Alkalinity – Alkaline water in Singapore provides the body with alkaline ionic minerals. These minerals are highly essential in balancing and neutralizing the pH level of the body. According to a health study by Dr Mabuchi Michi of Japan, to neutralize the acidity of a hundred grams of meat, a person must eat 1 cabbage plus 4 oranges. Equivalently, that’s 2 glasses of alkaline water with pH 10.

• Better Taste – Alkaline water Singapore tastes sweeter because it’s been processed to be free of foreign elements and minerals and because of the natural taste of alkaline. This makes it ideal for making beverages and for cooking. Others say that using alkaline water in cooking is effective in bringing out the natural taste of the food.

• Better Hydration – Alkaline water from in Singapore or also known as micro-clustered water better hydrates than any other type of water. This is due to the fact that its molecules can penetrate more easily into the cells in the bloodstream, thus hastening the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level. It also speeds up waste elimination in the body.

• Negative ORP – ORP or oxidation reduction potential is a measurement of how our body reacts to certain matters. Things that have positive ORP are acidic or oxidizing (deteriorates the body), while a negative ORP means that the thing is alkaline or provides energy. Drinking alkaline water in Singapore combats factors with positive ORP and help restore energy in the body.


• Detoxifying – Acid wastes in the body are harmful and so the body needs to flush them out of the system to ensure a healthy body. However, if we live a poor lifestyle characterized by lack of exercise and eating foods that are less healthy, acid wastes build up in the system. Eventually, they become poisonous. Alkaline water Singapore is helpful in flushing out these toxins, thus balancing the acid-alkaline level in the body.

When you feel symptoms of having an acidic body, it’s advisable to drink alkaline water immediately. In Singapore, a low urine pH can be a sign that the body is suffering from obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and kidney stones. If the pH level of your urine is 5.7, you might be suffering from these. Generally, the lower your urine pH level is, the unhealthier you are.

The risk of getting these diseases is significantly reduced when alkaline water Singapore is included in diet. Drinking alkaline water decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduces the risks of having high blood sugar and having stones in the kidney.

This article talks about alkaline water and the characteristics it has that make it the best health enhancement water. Alkaline water provides the body with alkaline ionic minerals. Alkaline water tastes sweeter simply because it is cleaner. Alkaline water hydrates better because of its smaller water clusters. Alkaline water is very rich in antioxidants with negative ORP. Alkaline water detoxifies.