Activities in Adventure Cove Singapore

If you are a lover of the water, Adventure Cove Singapore is the place for you. Make sure to purchase your tickets for worry free adventure in this place. Once can connect to the ticketing department through the website of Resorts World Sentosa, by calling the Resorts World hotline or buying tickets in different ticketing and membership hubs of Resorts World. Adventure Cove is a one stop shop place for different water activities.


Prepare your swimming attire and dive into the Adventure River which is 620 meter long. It is best that you have floaters with you so that you can feel how you float through the help of the river’s current. This ride is even more exciting because the river passes through 14 different areas with different themes. Some of the stations have carved stones with yellow lanterns—the “Grotto.” Some stations have different marine species like turtles—the “Aquarium Tunnel,” “Ray Bay” and “Dolphin Island.”

Marine life park Adventure Cove Waterpark Whirlpool Washout

Getting close to these marine species are also possible here in Adventure Cove. Snorkelling to have a look on marine life and corals are possible here. One can also dive and swim with dolphins with only some additional fees.

Of course, swimming for all ages and groups of people are included in the activities of Adventure Cove. Different kinds of slides like the Whirlpool Washout and the Tidal Twister can be enjoyed by kids and even adults. If you are a trained swimmer or just looking for some adrenaline rush, Splashworks is the activity you must try.