A Shopaholic’s Guide to Saving Money

Did you just have an impulsive shopping spree and then complained about how poor you’ve become? Guess what, you’re not alone. Most women, whether or not they admit it, have probably gone through this phase in their life. The good thing is you still have enough time to build your savings account, and you can start by simply reading through and following these simple tips.


  1. Buy Expensive. It may sound contradicting, but buying high quality items can actually help you save in the long run. See your closet as a vault of your priced possessions, and only fill it with good quality basic and classic pieces that will surely last longer than the trendy frocks that are out in the market now. Remember, quantity will always be trumped by quality.
  1. Steer Clear From Discount Cards. Notice how some stores offer a ‘privilege’ or ‘loyalty’ card as you pay at the counter? Sure, it’ll give you some discount, but these cards are only marketing strategies that are designed to keep you coming back to the store for just a small discount, when in reality, you’re actually spending more.


  1. Shop with Cash. This trick is actually quite easy to do, but most shoppers tend to ignore this tip. Every time you shop, make it a habit to only purchase items that your pocket money can afford. This will teach you to save for something that you really like instead of piling up interests from failing to pay your credit card in full.
  1. Opt for a Low-Credit Card. Keeping a credit card in your wallet only fuels your desire to shop impulsively. A good way to keep you from doing it is to pick credit cards with the lowest limit, or use the extension that your mom and dad gave you during your college days. Most credit card companies message the parent card’s owner when a purchase is made, allowing you or your mom to monitor your purchases.
  1. Never Keep Your Card Details Online. There’s no doubt that online shopping is fun and very convenient, but it’s also important that you ensure that you never save your credit card details on the shopping site. This will keep you from being click happy and maxing out your card.

Even if you’re a certified shopaholic, saving money is still possible. Just be a wise shopper, follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll surely start building up your savings account in no time.