7 Things to Consider When Buying Property  

Many Singaporeans say that now is the best time to buy a property but there are many options out there plus many factors in play. With this, how do we make sure that every dollar we spend in a property is worth it? The only solution is to know things when buying property.


Buying a property is difficult and confusing for others but it is time that we change this perception. If we know things to consider when buying a property, things will be easier and stress-free. Here are some characteristics that we should consider when searching for the right property:

1. Location: Location is on top of the list. In this case, location does not only mean the address of the property but the perception it yields. We can ask the questions like “is it peaceful?” or “is the water supply reliable?”

2. Developer: After the location, the developer matters. We have to consider reputable developers. We should not put the safety of our family in the hands of a developer with little experience.


3. Infrastructure: When we speak of infrastructure, it refers to the connectivity. Connectivity means the ease of moving around. People do not want their houses to be too close to business areas but that too far either.

4. Population growth: We also need to observe the population trend in the area. If it is on an upward trend, we will know that better services are present. If there are many people, the market will create services to cater to all. We will not have problems locating clinics, hypermarkets, restaurants and laundry services.

5. Neighbours: Knowing thy neighbour is kind of awkward for some homeowners but this is important as well. Our kids will grow depending on the community that they live in. We have to spend time knowing our neighbours.

6. Guarded community: We all want to feel safe and secure so it is important that we choose a guarded community.

7. Vacant land: We have to be wary when there’s a vacant land beside or in front of us. If there’s no plan yet about that land, it is best to stay away. The future infrastructure might affect our road access or the view.

Hopefully these things can make our jobs (and our real estate agents) easier. It doesn’t have to have all points above. If we get the majority characteristics, our living in that specific place will be pleasant and enjoyable.

Before we canvass the area, it is imperative that we secure our resources first. We have to assess our money first and work our way from there. If we need help, there are many people here in Singapore that we can approach.