7 Best Tips in Washing Your Jeans

Great jeans are good clothing investments. Proper fitting and good-looking jeans may be a bit expensive but if properly taken care of, they can last for a relatively long time.

Cleaning your jeans does not simply consist of chucking them inside the washing machine. In order for the color to retain even after multiple uses, special care must be observed. To help you take great care of your jeans, here are the best ways to care for your investment jeans.


Do not wash after every wear.

Washing your jeans is not the same as washing regular clothes. You should not wash it immediately after wearing. Provided that your jeans are not stained, you can forego washing them every other month. Constantly washing jeans in the washer can stretch them out and wash out the color. Moreover, detergents can be harsh, causing the color to fade quickly.


Do air your jeans out.

Since you won’t always be washing your jeans, it’s important to alternate your jeans between wears. Air them out to kill off any odor and give room for your jeans to breathe. A quick tip is to hang them inside your shower so that the jeans can absorb the steam and eliminate bad odor.


Use cold water.

When you do get around to washing your jeans, remember to use cold water in doing so. Using cold water in washing denim jeans is important to help the fabric retain its dye. To help in reside exfoliation, you can add a teaspoon if black pepper in the water.


Wash jeans with same colored ones.

Like any fabric, washing your jeans should be done in same colored groups. Denim can bleed and in order to avoid staining other jeans separate the light-colored ones from the darks.


Invest in color-safe detergent.

Good jeans are hard to come by. Protect the fabric and its dye by investing in a color-safe detergent, which washes your jeans properly without wearing out its color.


Do not wash too many pairs of jeans all at once.

It’s important to always be efficient in doing chores like the laundry but overloading your washer with several pairs can make the zippers snag and the stitching to break down.


Never dry-clean your denim.

Dry cleaning your denim jeans breaks down the fabric’s fibers and wears off pre-washed coating. Don’t even think about this option when washing your jeans.