6 Reasons to Consider Tentage Rental for Your Event

When hosting lavish wedding banquet, fundraising event, or even a quiet barbeque party with the family, a tent rental is often a good event venue solution. Tents for rent can be found readymade and easily customized for almost all types of outdoor affair. Tentage rental companies in Singapore offer wide selections of tents in different sizes and colors, and can be used in city or country-side venues. Moreover, tents are not only used by individuals but also in club premises, resorts, and hotel lawns.


If you’re still in doubt whether or not to rent tents for your upcoming event, here are some important reasons why you should consider the idea.

1. Create Space

A canopy or a set of tents is a great way to create perimeters and designate an area. Tent rental comes in all sorts of sizes and forms so you can get creative with the placements and usages of each of them. For instance, you can align a couple of frame tents to create a pathway or install a number of tents next to each other to create a larger space for tables and chairs set up.

2. Versatility

Since tents come in almost all sorts of sizes, the number of guests is not a problem at all. Small and less elaborate types of tent can be used for small backyard family gatherings, while large and more elegant types of tent for elegant weddings and corporate events. You can also choose from different forms of tents, like the regular square and rectangular tents, multiple tents, and high peak tents. Just ask your tent supplier which tentage is appropriate for your event.

3. Décor Friendly

One of the most favored features about having tents as event venue solutions is that they are very easy to decorate. When installed, a tent from Nanyanginc tentage from Singapore provides an empty space where you can put your party equipment, like tables, chairs, draperies, and lights. You also get to choose what colors to use since tents usually come in white blank canvas.


4. Protection from Elements

Whether it shines or it pours, your tent can shield you from extreme weather conditions. Staying in a tent with an air conditioning system allows you, and your guests, to stay cool. Tents also let you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings by only installing a canopy without walls. Likewise, tents with walls and heating system keeps everybody dry on a cold weather.

5. Privacy

Privacy is one of the disadvantages when hosting an outdoor event. However, with Singapore tentage rental, you can now privately hold your event in the park, beachside, or in any public location. Regardless of how many bystanders and passersby there are in the location, you will not notice them because you’re inside the tent enjoying your private gathering.

6. Functional Spaces

Your event doesn’t have to be under a single roof. If your party requires several separated areas, you can create individual points with the use of tents. Let’s say, you can have the buffet area at one side and the bar area on the other side. If the weather permits, you can just let your guests mingle outside the tents.