5 Smart Tips for Shopping in Singapore

Here are 5 smart tips for you as you go shopping in Singapore.


Prices and Bargains

It is always an SOP for each and every one of us to double-check the prices of the items we buy. In major shopping malls like Takashimaya, it is usually safe to assume that prices are already fixed. However, if you are shopping in major bargain shopping areas, such as Little India, Chinatown, or Bugis Village, make sure to bargain your best to bring down the prices.

Money Changers

If you have come a long way to Singapore and only brought with you US dollars or Euro, you need not worry about being able to shop with a different currency. Money changing is a breeze in Singapore as there are a lot of money changers everywhere. But here’s a tip for your own good. Make sure that the money changer is licensed.

Credit Cards

Most major shopping centers and malls will accept credit cards. However, these business establishments often prefer and accept Visa or Mastercard, so it will be best if your credit cards are of these kinds.


Shopping in Singapore is even more exciting and fulfilling with the sales throughout the year. Watch out for the Great Singapore Sale in June and July and the Christmas Sale in December. For a more worthwhile vacation, plan your trip that it falls on those said months.

Exchanges and Refunds

Most big department stores have a refund and exchange policy. If a certain item is damaged, you can bring it back together with the proof-of-purchase, and then you will be accommodated. However, if the certain damaged item is from a small merchandiser, most likely you can no longer get an exchange or refund.