5 Places Where You Can Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Most of us have probably experienced queuing in the airport just to wait for some last-minute ticket discounts, which is really not an easy thing to do, even if you’re determined enough to go on your last-minute vacation. Luckily, there are other accessible places where you can find cheap flight tickets and here are some of you can possible score cheap flight tickets.


  1. Travel Websites. One the most common place to find cheap flight tickets is in online sites. Some of these sites allow you to tailor your trip around a particular budget. Websites like SkyAuction.com and PriceLine.com uses a bidding system that allows you to name your ideal ticket price. While sites like Expedia.com, on the other hand, operates by showing a comparison chart of the rates from different airline carriers. Experts suggest monitoring the prices posted on each site, especially unknown sites, to ensure that you’re not dealing with a shoddy resource.
  1. Airline Companies. Competition between airline companies are quite fierce and the cost to stay as competitive as possible is also quite high. Because of this, most major airline companies offer discounts on their internet fares to drive customers online where flight booking is cheaper for them.


  1. Travel Agents. Although most travel agents add extra fee when you book your flight with them, their access to discounted tickets will still help you save some extra bucks. Also, consider the fact that they do all the legwork required to find the best ticket price for you, so let that extra fee pass as your tip for their services.
  1. Email Lists. Searching through various websites every day just to find the cheapest airfare can become a tedious process, even for a motivated traveller like you. So if you’re going to be serious on saving money while travelling, then we suggest that you subscribe to an email list to keep you informed of the best deals either on a daily or weekly basis. Some of the good email lists you can check on include Last-Minute-Vacation-Guide.com and TravelZoo.com.
  1. Travelling on a courier’s schedule and delivering their packages instead, is another good way to save on your ticket. However, courier travel has its fair share of pros and cons. While going a courier travel will get you a cheap or even free ticket, you won’t always have roundtrip flight. Plus, you’ll seldom get a luggage allowance in a courier travel. If you’re still willing to try going on a courier travel, then we suggest checking out Courier.org, or the website International Association of Air Travel Courier.

Scoring a cheap ticket isn’t easy but through these options, you now have a bigger chance of being able to travel without spending so much money.