5 Foods Pregnant Women Should Never Eat

Expectant moms know that there are certain types of food that should be completely avoided during their pregnancy to keep their unborn baby healthy. However, the list of these foods has become so long and controversial that it’s already difficult to figure out which food is safe to eat and which poses a health risk. To clear things out for you, we’ve listed down five of the foods that you should never, ever eat on the whole duration of your pregnancy.


  1. Unpasteurized Cheeses. Cheese may be tasty, but it’s important to know that there are certain types of cheese that should be avoided by pregnant women. Among these types are the unpasteurized cheeses, since they have long been linked with the foodborne illness called listeriosis. Once you get infected with this illness, you’ll be more prone to experiencing miscarriages, premature labour and other severe illnesses. If you still want to fill in your cheese cravings, opt for safer alternatives like mozzarella cheese instead.
  1. Deli Meats. They may be cheap and convenient, but their safety in relation with pregnant women has been one of the most controversial topic for years. Similar with unpasteurized cheeses, deli meats including salami, ham, bologna and hotdog, are believed to be linked to listeriosis that causes miscarriage and stillbirths. To avoid acquiring such illness, cook these meat until they’re steaming hot before you eat them or avoid them entirely.
  1. Liver.  Liver, or even most liver products, contain high amounts of vitamin A that can be dangerous during the early months of pregnancy and may cause birth defects in babies. To prevent this from happening, monitor your vitamin A intake by going on a diet that consists of healthy meat, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


  1. Caffeinated Coffee or Tea. This can be quite depressing especially if you’re a coffee lover, but caffeine in coffee, tea and soft drinks is believed to be capable of affecting your baby’s heart rate. Most doctors would recommend consuming no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine daily, but if you’re unsure as to how much caffeine is safe for you, then it would be best that you avoid it altogether.
  1. Raw Milk. Similar with unpasteurized cheese, raw milk can also pose health risks on your unborn baby. Unpasteurized milk including goat’s and sheep’s milk are believed to carry pathogens than can make you sick, or even suffer listeriosis. So it would be best to steer clear from raw milk during your entire pregnancy term and just stick with skim milk as a safer alternative.

Having a healthy and safe diet is essential during your pregnancy period. So remember these foods that you should avoid eating during your pregnancy term to ensure that you have a safe pregnancy period and that your baby stays healthy as well.