5 Bonding Activities at Home with Kids

Moms and dads, it’s time to put down the gadgets and have some quality time with your kiddos. Here’s a few suggestions for activities and games that you and your little one will surely enjoy. All set for no-gadget day?

1. Indoor Picnic
Half the fun is in the preparation stage, so let your kids join you while you’re prepping up for the picnic. The night before, have your kids help you to create a list of the food you will ‘bring’ to your picnic and pack essentials like a blanket (to spread on the floor and sit on), colorful plates, utensils, etc. into your picnic basket. You can go to the market the next morning and you’re your indoor picnic in the afternoon, so your kids will have something to look forward to.

2. Board Games
Not only does board games sharpen the mind, it also helps everyone ‘unplug’ from the digital world and just reconnect with each other. They are super fun for the kids, too. Have a fun game night—wear costumes, treats and snacks. Make it a memorable experience and a weekly habit with the kids.

3. Baking
Whenever possible, include your kids in the cooking process. It may require a little bit of extra work, but the it is all worth it. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and spending time together as a family in the kitchen makes it easier to create a bond and wonderful memories that your kids will always remember. Start out with easy-to-make baking recipes and guide them in executing the steps they may find difficult. You can even do a cookie design contest to make the activity even more fun.

4. Blanket and Pillow Fort
If you do not have a backyard or a garden, use pillows and blankets to build your own fort. Add some fairy lights for a cozier look and feel. Huddle under a big blanket and read a storybook together.

5. Family Garden
Whether a backyard or just a window sill of plants, you can make use of these spaces to plant and groom a family garden together. It is a great way to bond a to teach kids a little bit of biology lessons. Plus, the time you spend together, growing your own fruits and veggies for dinner and hundreds of photo ops are just some of the nicest things you get out from these bonding moments.

Take one or two of any of these activities to try with your family. Over the course of the next few weeks, try another one that you haven’t had before. You’ll see, your kids will look forward to every weekend to be with the family to have some quality and fun time together.