4 Surprising Things You Should Clean By Washing Machine

Even though you think you’ve cleaned up every last corner of your HDB flat or condo unit in Singapore, you’ll find that dust and dirt finds its way in more areas and things than you think – and sometimes, you might just end up missing a spot. But it’s not just dust and dirt that can make their homes in pretty much anything. Be sure to clean these things via washing machine and make a habit of doing so every few months:

Stuffed toys
You’ll be surprised how easily stuffed animals can become dirt sponges when you don’t keep a careful eye on them, so tossing them in the washing machine at least once a month will keep the dust at bay and prevent your children from catching a cold. Be sure to wash in warm water using a gentle cycle and air-dry it. If it has any rips or stains, treat the latter with detergent or stain remover and place the toy in a laundry mesh bag to keep the filling intact.

Unless your backpack is made from leather, you can usually give it a spin in the washing machine along with a lighter laundry load that has similar colors. Before doing so, be sure to empty every pocket in order to avoid any accidental stains or tears. Treat any stains beforehand using a stain removal product and turn it upside-down before adding any disinfectant if necessary. If the stain is particularly tough, use a soft-bristled brush to work the stain removal product into the fabric for about fifteen minutes.

Oven mitts/hot pads
Washing kitchen equipment isn’t just limited to kitchen towels – you also need to take care of your oven mitts and hot pads since they most likely have come in contact with food at one point or another. Keep in mind that tossing your oven mitts and hot pads in a washing machine can do a lot to clean them, but what they can’t do is reverse the damage in the burnt areas. If your oven mitts are too burnt for use, you might have to purchase new ones.

Mop heads
There’s only so much that you can do with a mop head until it starts getting dirty, and no matter how long you let it soak in water and how much detergent you use, it won’t be enough to get rid of all the dirt that’s accumulated throughout your use. However, there’s no need to ditch that mop for a new one – if you can detach the mop head, all you need to do is to load it in your washing machine and let a gentle spin cycle take care of all that dirt for you.