4 Crucial Tips for Turning Broken China from Trash to Treasure

Can you turn something broken into something beautiful?

With the right inspiration, safety measures, and materials, the answer is most definitely yes!

So don’t weep and throw away your broken china just yet – while it may be too expensive to have them repaired by a professional, you can definitely make them into something new entirely.

Here are four crucial tips for doing exactly that:

1. Safety first!
Make sure you have the proper safety equipment and procedure when handling broken porcelain to avoid accidentally cutting yourself or anyone who might come across them.

Ideally, you want to handle this type of re-purposing by using thick gloves to hold the china pieces, and if you’ve just broken a plate or two, be sure to vacuum up the area after sorting out the pieces.

This way, you get rid of the tiny debris that could hurt anyone, and you’re free to move onto your re-purposing project.

2. Sand down the edges.
Start with a rough-grit sandpaper for the sharp edges of broken porcelain, and then work your way towards a finger-grit to smooth them out completely.

By doing this, you make sure that no one cuts themselves accidentally over any broken pieces that you want to use, and especially the ones you don’t. It also works well if you find a broken piece that you really like by itself, which you can repurpose for a pendant or a mosaic in a multi-media piece.

3. Use the pieces from different wares.
Don’t feel limited by the dishes you break. In fact, as long as the original chinaware dishes are similar in size, you can use pieces from different chinaware to give your project a more colorful flair.

You can also do more than simply re-create former dishes – use the opportunity instead to make something completely new out of the broken pieces.

There are all kinds of things that you can make by applying just the right amount of plaster or grout, such as new vases, flower pots, and even set mosaic pieces that you can display on your living room or indoor garden. You can even make pendants out of the broken chinaware pieces!

4. Use broken china to upcycle!
You can add broken pieces to almost anything, from tin cans to even flower pots. Simply take the broken pieces and arrange them on top of the item you want to up-cycle before gluing them carefully.

The result is a new piece, whether it’s a tin can or a plain old flower pot. Not only will it work great as decoration, but you can even turn it into a hobby or a small business.