10 Video Games that Focus on Magic

Most fantasy-themed video games include magic as part of the offensive arsenal, but it is rarely the focus of the story. These ten games, however, will let you explore the wonders of the different magic systems.

Mages of Mystralia (2017)

The story follows a mage who was exiled by her townspeople and found a purpose in stopping a war in Mystralia. The objectives of the game is to design spells, learn the spell crafting system, and o solve various puzzles to help with Zia’s quest.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage (2007)

Hungry for a variety of spells? This game boasts of at least 50 spells and thrice more items that can be used for your adventures. You will be playing as a mage’s apprentice who is suddenly pitted against demons threatening a magic arts academy.

Dragon’s Dogma (2012)

Although the player can choose various classes, this game is known to have a solid magic system that can even break the world. If you are new to the role-playing genre, this is a good title to start your adventure.

Magicka 2 (2015)

This sequel follows up on the story from the first game and features different wizarding schools in Midgard. But the competition between the schools soon turned into a war that threatened the entire world. A prophesy tells of a child who is destined to save the world, but only if the child can win against another threat.

Master of Magic (1994)

Ever wondered what it’s like to play in a strategy game with magic as its focus? In this game, the wizard has full control of cities, armies, and resources for an empire.

Arx Fatalis (2002)

The world in which the game is set is sustained by a dying sun, resulting in the emergence of dark malevolent creatures. The goal is to learn how to use and draw the runes and how they can be combined to make new spells.

In Verbis Virtus (2014)

The player is trapped in a dungeon with no items at the beginning of the game. It will force players to learn magic using the inscriptions in the caverns and to find formulas that can be used to cast spells.

Lichdom: Battlemage (2014)

What makes this game unique from the others on this list is that the character the player creates has a different origin story from the others. Dragon, the protagonist, is given three sigils that can be used for casting. Other sigils can be unlocked later in the game as the player progresses. These are used along with the three patterns that determine how the spells are used.

Book of Spells (2012)

Ever wondered what it’s like to be truly immersed in magic? This augmented reality game is your answer. Players get to cast spells by drawing with their hands as if they’re holding a wand, reminiscent of the spell-casting rules in the Harry Potter series.

Tyranny (2016)

If you are a fan of Pillars of Eternity, this game is for you. The player controls the character named Fatebinder, who must help solve a dispute and repel a siege. But like any hero’s tale, the task isn’t always as simple as that.