Ways You Can Trick Yourself to Persevere on Your Workouts

You’ve been hitting an ActiveSG gym for 3 months now and you feel really great. But for the whole week, you suddenly feel like skipping out on your workouts. This is pretty common for those who just got into fitness. Heck, even the most experienced feel tired at times. What’s important is that you find a way to not get discouraged and demotivated. So, here are some ways for you to do just that.

Keep up the positive self-talk

When it comes to anything related to exercise, always think positively. Always speak about how great you feel when you do your workouts, both in your head and with another person. This is so that you condition yourself to always have a positive outlook on exercise. Even when you feel like skipping, you won’t simply because you’re always thinking about the good you get from exercising.

Wear your workout clothes

This is very effective when you’re in the middle of deciding to skip or actually going. Changing your clothes is usually when the motivation really kicks in. When you get on your workout clothes, you’re basically telling yourself that you’re ready to sweat it out. If you get thoughts of skipping a day even if it’s not your rest day, just go and change. Then you’ll slowly start to get in the groove again. Plus, once you get changed, you’ll think it’s not worth the time to change back to your regular clothes again.

Don’t underestimate the power of music

One of the best ways to keep your energy up during a workout is to listen to your favorite music. Of course, some genres of music like rap and EDM are more effective in getting the mood up. But you can also stick with genres you actually like, be it Kpop, classical, or rock. Sometimes you won’t even notice that you’re already tired if you’re always singing along to your favorite songs.

Surround yourself with pictures of your ideal body

Okay, putting up pictures around your room with half-naked men flexing their muscles might sound weird, but it’s a very effective motivator. This is what THE Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he was just starting out with bodybuilding, and so many years later on he’s become a legend of the sport. If you think it’s too much, you can keep a picture or two on your phone and just look at that physique every time you feel like skipping your workout.

Have some friendly competition with someone (even if only in your mind)

There’s always that one person in the gym who has the same physique as you. One great way to trick yourself into exercising is to challenge that person in your mind. See who gets the better physique in three months. This way, you’ll feel guilty about skipping a workout. “I’m here just watching TV, and the other guy is already pounding it out at the gym and leaving me behind.”

How to Find Safe Cleaning Products

Being eco-friendly at homes does not only mean cutting down on the use of plastics but also being conscious about the things you use everyday such as cleaning products. Most of us forget that the chemicals we flush down the drains or release into the air also contribute to the environmental problems.

How do you differentiate cleaning products that are eco-friendly from those that are not?

Read the ingredients list thoroughly

Make a mental note of all the toxic chemicals that you need to avoid when you go shopping for supplies. Reading the label will not take more than two minutes but it can make all the difference for your family’s safety and health.

Some of the chemicals to avoid in your cleaning products include ammonia, chlorine or bleach, triclosan, phosphates, phthalates or fragrance, petroleum solvents or surfactants or formaldehyde, butyl glycol, monobutyl, glycol, and ethylene. Some labels will claim that the product is “natural,” “organic,” or “eco-friendly” even if they are not, that is why you should always check the ingredients.

Research vague terms

Unfortunately, some names on the label can be misleading especially because a lot of companies are given leave to use different names if it is a trade secret. Some also take to using vague names to confuse consumers especially now that they are aware some people are looking for eco-friendly products.

Be wary of names like cleaning agent or fragrance for example which are unspecific. You should also check for instructions about safety like using protective gear when handling the product. If it is not safe to use without gloves or eyewear, it is most likely toxic to the flora and fauna, too.

Make a list of alternatives

You should be aware that looking for alternatives for common household cleaning products is not going to be easy. Most of the ingredients listed above are found in almost all products we use at home (and even in our cosmetics).

If you are just switching to eco-friendly products, you need to know where to get the alternatives and what are the price options. Fortunately, there are cheap alternatives such as lemon juice, baking soda, borax (but keep this away from children and pets), castile soap, washing soda, and vinegar.

Choose eco-friendly brands

There are groups all over the world that gather information for consumers because there are no strict laws that regulate the use of common household cleaning ingredients. Visit the group’s website to look for a list of products that are safe to use. One such website is the EWG.

Inspect all of the products you currently use

That includes laundry detergent, fabric softeners, cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and other products you use in your home. You can gradually replace them with non-toxic products or homemade cleaning solutions if you are worried about wasting money.

6 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Trends usually come and go, and while it’s perfectly fine to try out the current fads, it’s also important that you save some room for the timeless essentials. By having the right clothing pieces right at your closet, you’ll be all set for any occasion that might arise. So be sure to have these dresses on standby, and you’ll be on your way to building a complete closet, regardless of the sartorial or season swing.

  1. The Little Black Dress

Considered as a fail-proof choice, the little black dress is every girl’s go-to clothing piece when they’re in doubt of the dress code of a particular event. So be sure to purchase one that will flatter both your height and your body shape.

  1. Statement Dress

You certainly need a striking part dress for moments when you’re itching to hit the dance the floor. When choosing one, however, be sure to consider the versatility of the dress. That way, you’ll be able to style and wear it for those days when you just need a bold focal point for your ensemble.

  1. Workwear Dress

Stop sticking with your boring trouser and suit combo for work. Instead, channel your inner lady-boss by wearing an office-appropriate get-up that’s polish, stylish and structured.

  1. Lady Dress

A dainty floral dress is all you need if you’ll be attending an afternoon tea engagement or a backyard gathering with your friends. What’s more amazing is you can even wear this delicate piece to a garden wedding.

  1. Shift Dress

Get your hands on an easy day dress that you can rely on during those times when you can’t seem to mix and match your cute tops and bottoms. Plus, most shift dresses are no-brainer pieces that you can wear from day to night.

  1. Floor-Length Dress

For any formal event and evening affair, be sure to invest on a floor-length gown tailored to accentuate your best assets. Also, don’t forget to choose one that has a flattering colour or print. Plus points if you’ll be able to create different looks on it by simply switching your accessories.

While it’s completely okay to try out some of the fashion trends these days, it’s also important that you invest and have some timeless clothing pieces ready in your wardrobe. So be sure to have some or all of these classic dresses ready on your closet so you can easily look stylish whenever you want and need.

Shoe Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Favourite Footwear

As what expert stylists say, the footwear that you love to wear reflects who you are. So it only makes sense that you’d care for your favourite pair the same way you take care of yourself. Practising proper shoe care will assure your footwear’s longevity, but certain habits could easily overcome that and eventually ruin your kicks. For that reason, we listed down some shoe habits that could be causing the fast deterioration of your shoes.

  1. Overusing a Certain Pair of Shoes

We all have our favourite pair of kicks, but if you’re wearing them every single day, then there’s a greater chance that they’ll deteriorate faster than your other footwear. To keep that from happening, ensure that you have three pairs of shoes that you can wear on rotation to avoid extreme wear and tear.

  1. Neglecting Your Shoes

Overusing your shoes is a sin, but completely neglecting them is an even bigger mistake. Your shoes need to breathe, so ensure that you avoid keeping them in plastic bags and that you take them out for a walk every now and them. It’d also be a good idea to apply some leather conditioner on your kicks every week so you could prevent its leather from cracking.

  1. Wearing Them Without Protecting Them

When we buy a new footwear, we get all excited and slip them on immediately sans applying any protecting serum. To correct this mistake, simply spritz some waterproof spray on your leather, canvas or suede shoes to avoid weakening its exterior, as well as the appearance of water stains.

  1. Failing to Clean Them Before Storage

Dirt accumulation is what will weaken the material of your footwear. So make sure that you remove any dirt on your suede by rubbing a stale bread or a nail file on it. It’d also be a good idea to care for your leather shoes using a damp cloth with mild laundry detergent before putting it back to its box.

  1. Machine Washing Your Shoes

Regardless of how filthy they get, you should never consider cleaning your kicks using the washing machine. Doing so will degrade its quality and weaken the glue that binds the entire footwear.

Just like with your other things, taking care of your shoes is the key to make it last longer. So be sure to put the aforementioned tips to work so you could properly care for your kicks and you could enjoy them longer.

How to Care for a Malayan Box Turtle

A Malayan box turtle (Cuora amboinensis) might seem too intimidating as pets, but they are hardy creatures and easier to care for than most aquarium fish. These gentle and majestic turtles which can live for up to 35 years can grow up to 12 inches in length and have a characteristic three yellow stripes on their heads. They are also ideal for families who have had some experience with aquatic pets.

Housing for the Malayan Box Turtle

Often mistaken as primarily terrestrial, the Malayan box turtle spends more time in the water than other box turtles. They like warm, watery places, that is why their vivarium should have a pool with at least a 5-centimeter deep water, which should be increased gradually as the turtle grows older, and a constant temperature between 75° to 84° F. Once your turtle grows over 3 inches in length, however, you might want to consider moving it to a bigger area than a tank, if you haven’t provided that already.

Part of the tank should be allotted for a basking area with a dry surface and a clip light lamp and full-spectrum fluorescent lamp. This means that its enclosure should consist of 50% water and 50% land. A mix of live and plastic plants will provide extra food and protection for your pet, while proper drainage will make cleaning much easier, because the turtle needs frequent water changes to avoid diseases. Getting a filter is necessary to keep the water in excellent quality. Warm water is important not just because they like the temperature, but they also use it to empty their bowels.

Cypress mulch is the most recommended substitute for substrate. Avoid using gravel and pebbles in the vivarium, because the turtle might ingest them.

Diet for the Malayan Box Turtle

The most common problems with these types of turtles are diarrhea, shell rot, dehydration, and septicemia. Most of these can be avoided with a clean housing and healthy food. If you purchase a hatchling, it should be fed lightly once daily, taking care not to overfeed it.

A Malayan box turtle is an omnivore and most of its diet will consist of earthworms, insects, fish, duckweed, banana, apple, pear, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, squash, and some commercial food like aquatic turtle formula, small shrimp, and canned box turtle food. However, you should avoid feeding your turtle the following food: lima beans, spinach, and broccoli.

Your pet will also need calcium supplements if you cannot provide it with enough live food that you have raised yourself to ensure that the prey are gut-loaded and free from diseases. You should also watch out for tell-tale signs of health problems, such as lethargy, avoidance of water, flaking shell, loss of appetite, runny nose, swollen ears, puffy eyes, gaping mouth, injuries, and bleeding. Take your pet to the veterinarian if you see any of these symptoms.

The Differences Between Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

Like astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness are both problems in how our eyes focus the light on the retina. Doctors call them refractive conditions that affect how the light enters the eyes will cause us to see the blurred objects in our surroundings. However, there is a difference in how we perceive objects at certain distances.

Nearsightedness or Myopia

Nearsightedness, also called myopia or shortsightedness, is a condition characterized by the ability to see objects at a closer proximity more clearly than objects that are placed further. To a person with myopia, the nearer objects appear normal because the eyeball is elongated, causing the light to form at the front of the retina instead of on it. Reading books will pose no problems, but you will have a difficult time making out what’s written on a billboard. Myopia also causes night blindness, meaning, you’ll find it more difficult to see objects in minimal lighting.

The condition may be caused by malformations in the eyes, aging, cataracts, or as a side effect of some drugs. Like all refractive problems, myopia is diagnosed by an ophthalmologist through extensive eye examinations. An individual is usually advised to wear corrective lenses to improve the vision.

Farsightedness or Hyperopia

Farsightedness, also called hyperopia or hypermetropia, is the opposite of myopia, which is characterized by the ability to see objects at a distance more clearly than those that are closer to you. The light coming through the eyes forms behind the retina instead of on it and is often caused by the shortness of the eyeballs, a flat cornea or the irregular curvature of the lens. These eye problems may be inherited or a consequence of injuries, migraine attacks, and even sinus infection.

Hyperopia is diagnosed by an ophthalmologist through an extensive eye exam and the individual may be advised to wear corrective lenses to improve vision. Some types of nearsightedness also need surgery, such as the removal of a layer of the cornea to correct the problem.


Astigmatism is also a refractive error that prevents the eyes from focusing the light into the retina, causing multiple focal points. The result is a blurred vision regardless of the distance of the object. It could be a combination of myopia and hyperopia in some individuals.

The most common methods in testing a person’s vision is with a Snellen Test Chart, retinoscopy, and automated computerized tools. Besides prescription corrective lenses, the individual might also want to consider procedures designed to correct the curvature of the retina such as, radial keratotomy, automated lamellar keratectomy, excimer laser photo refractive keratectomy, and LASIK.

12 Best Mobile Games You Need to Check Out

Mobile games are more popular than ever, and even those who aren’t usually into video games are slowly seeing the fun in the hobby. But with so many issues regarding microtransactions and poor quality when it comes to mobile games, how do you separate the titles worthy of your time (and money)? Here are the best mobile games of 2019 that you might have missed.


This interactive story follows the life of Florence and how it changes after her meeting with a cellist. Players will need to solve puzzles to piece together the pieces of Florence’s story.

Donut County

The objective of the game is to swallow objects through a hole which will increase in size. Players will have to think of ways to manipulate certain objects so that they would be swallowed into the hole.


This platformer metroidvania lets the player explore the different white surfaces by helping the character Dandara to overcome obstacles and warp between spaces.

The Room: Old Sins

The fourth installment of The Room series is a different take of the escape the room genre in which the player must find clues in the surroundings to escape.

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

The player controls a custom character who joins the Liberators which have the ability to control beings only known as demons.

Legend of Solgard

This matching based RPG tells the tale of Embla who is destined to save the world from an invasion. It is based on the Norse myths, so you might want to give this a try if you’re interested.

Pokemon Quest

It seems like the phenomenal mobile game Pokemon GO’s fame has suddenly evaporated, but it still has plenty of dedicated players which is why another mobile version of the franchise was released. It’s reminiscent of Minecraft and is perfect for beginners to the franchise. The game can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.


The objective of the game is to shoot balls at the blocks to dig into planets. It’s not only a relaxing game you can play during the break but it’s also very well-made for a mobile game.

The Sims Mobile

Are you a fan of the The Sims series? Now you can play it on mobile as well as enjoy its multiplayer features where you can interact with other gamers. A previous game called The Sims FreePlay was also available for mobile, but this game is much closer to its PC version.

Pocket Run Pool

The objective of the game is simple; sink all the balls like you would in an 8-ball pool game, but you have to take into consideration where you sink the balls for extra rewards.

Alto’s Odyssey

Once in a while, you come across a fantastic free-to-play game like Alto’s Adventure for mobile. It’s successor, Alto’s Odyssey will not disappoint either with its polished gameplay and surprisingly good story.


Puzzle games shine on mobile, and ELOH elevates the relaxing experience of the genre with its sound-focused mechanics and beautiful artwork.

Car Culture Singapore

Having a car in Singapore might not be what you think and although we are not discouraging you, we just want you to be sure what you are getting yourself into. If you’ve been a fan of cars growing up or if you are just trying to purchase a car to make your life more convenient, there are a few things you need to know.

Sadly unlike other countries, Singapore is not that big which means it does not have that much land which means it does not have that much roads which means, well, you guessed it, it cannot have that much cars. The traffic in Singapore is becoming a big deal and although the public transportations are working just fine, owning a private vehicle may still be something you want to have.

Here are a few things you may want to know and Singapore driving.

1. Left side driving. Due to Singapore’s history with the British, driving on the left side has become their norm and although it might not seem like a big thing, if you are used to right side driving, this could be a problem for you.

2. Car ownership rate 12-100. This means that about 1 in 8 people have cars which is not that bad but considering the rate of how population is increasing, this could be a problem as traffic would get worse than it already is.

3. License policies. Singaporeans tend to be very strict when it comes to their license. In fact, one of the requirements is to take a 50 question test in 50 minutes and you are only allowed to get 5 mistakes. Not too bad but it might be a bit harsh don’t you think? The good thing about Singapore is that there is no need to renew your license and this allows you to drive without much worries about dealing with your license unless of course you commit certain violations.

4. Buying a car. The most dreadful part of having a car is buying one. The lifespan of your ownership when it comes to having a car in Singapore is ten years. This means that if your car has exceeded that amount of time, you won’t be able to drive it anymore.

Although owning a car in Singapore may be a bit difficult, if you really want to own your vehicle, you definitely should. Cars in Singapore aren’t a bad thing, just make sure that you are a responsible driver.

The Four Most Common Wedding Proposal Mistakes

Asking your partner the big question can be an intimidating prospect. After all, the proposal is just as much an event of its own as the actual wedding itself. That means you need careful planning, which includes knowing what you should and shouldn’t do in the process. These are the five biggest no-no’s you should avoid at all costs when proposing to the love of your life:

Not talking to his/her family

This is super important! Even if you’re planning on surprising him/her, having the chat with your future in-laws beforehand is a always great way of entering into the next phase of your relationship with the family. Doing this also increases the chance of them helping you out with the proposal, which makes it all the more special.

Not asking for help in planning – or planning at all

There’s a difference between making your proposal a surprise and simply proposing just because you think or feel like “the time is right”. True, you don’t want to sound like you’re giving a sales pitch when you’re asking your partner to spend the rest of his/her life with you, but careful planning also shows how much this means to you as well. Careful planning also means asking for a little help from one person who you can trust, whether it’s your best friend or a family member.

Not doing research when buying the ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are two pieces of jewelry you want to spend a lot of time thinking over, and for good reason: they are two of the most important things your partner will be wearing all the time, and you want to make sure she loves them.

To start, try listening on her thoughts on her friends’ and celebrities’ rings to get a feel for what she wants. This will help you narrow down your window-shopping in terms of the gemstone, its cut, and her preferred metal. Keep in mind that while it can be a bit pricey, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – there are many budget options for rings available if you look around.

Picking the wrong place for the occasion

While you don’t have to break the bank and make the whole thing really fancy, this is still a big moment – make it all about him/herr. Take your partner’s personality into account and try to find a setting that plays most into his/her comfort zone. And don’t forget the post-proposal celebration! Once he/she has finally said yes, be sure to share the news with the closest people in your lives, and sit back and prepare for the months of celebrating and planning for the biggest event: your wedding day.