Why Should We Dance?

The richness of dance in Singapore can be credited to its diversity in culture. There is a wide range of dancing forms and genres appreciated around its culture. Before, traditional dance was at the peak. Then ballet was also initiated by the government. In the recent years, even hip-hop groups have also competed internationally to represent Singapore. This simply shows that dancing can be a wonderful part of life, for the young and old, local or foreigner, stranger or friend.

To express
Because movement is an important measure for us to express ourselves, dancing is one of the most pleasing ways to express our emotions and feelings. Dancing slowly in the arms of your lover and looking into each other’s eyes can be an expression of how strong you feel and how much you love each other. In dancing, the ones who dance are also not the only ones who express their emotions. Dance crews that show synchronized movements and incredible flips can excite and invite enthusiasm from the people watching.

To form and strengthen relationships
Families and friends can become, strangers can become friends, groups can compete. The dance floor is definitely a place to build bonds and relationships. Dancing is an avenue for people to come together in a fun and energetic environment, regardless of race, age, or background. Dance crews and ballet dancers, both specially, build lasting relationships and memories with their peers. They spend long hours together in practice and on the stage, share moments of both victory and defeat. Those experiences create ties between people even with their similarities and differences.

A good workout
Dancing can obviously be a great workout. It is good for our heart, lungs, bones, and it works so many muscles in the body. It gets our blood pumping and improves our mood. The use of quick steps, turns, and movements can train our muscles and joints helping us move better even in simple daily tasks. Overall, it can improve our strength, stamina, coordination, balance, and flexibility. You will also learn to recognize and be aware of the physical aspect and your control over your own body. Enabling you to recognize yourself better.

For the young and old alike
Different generations, of course, would appreciate different forms of dancing. And dancing is a great way to stay fit for people of all ages. Line dancing, for example, can be particularly popular with some aunties and uncles in Singapore. Sometimes there are even younger people who go with their parents or grandparents to dance. Hip hop and ballet are also still popular with teens and young adults. You would notice that even young children sway their hips and bounce to the music.