How to Care for Graying Hair

Graying hair seems like a nightmare for a lot of people, although there are individuals who chose to embrace what nature has given them instead of spending money to cover it up. Some hair salon in Singapore encourage their customers to use methods that are gentler on the hair and scalp, because hair coloring requires frequent trips to the hair salon. There are unfortunate ones, however, who suffer from premature graying. To date, there is no method to stop hair from turning gray besides temporarily covering it with hair color.

Premature Graying

Normally, a person’s hair starts to turn gray at the age of 40, however, even some teenagers could have graying hair. The reason for this isn’t clear yet, although genes could be a determining factor on how early a person’s hair will turn gray. According to studies, as the person reaches the age of 30, the chances of having gray hair increases as much as 20%.

Premature graying may be a cause of a combination of different factors that are also associated with natural graying at an old age. That’s when many people go to myhairdobar at far east plaza salon in Singapore to touch up their hair colour. Extrinsic factors that affect the production melanin include stress, exposure to pollutants and toxins, exposure to various chemicals, and the climate. Intrinsic factors should also be taken into account, such as a person’s age, body distribution, hormones, and genetic defects.

But why does hair turn gray? According to some studies, the hair follicle seems to have a programmed clock the will slow down the activities of the melanocyte. When the production slows down or stops, the amount of pigment also decreases. This usually happens just before the hair is about to shed or fall out, making the roots paler than usual. A person’s genetic makeup could be the deciding factor on how long the pigments are produced actively.

Premature graying among children and teenagers might also be caused by malnutrition, anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or taking a lot of medications at once. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for premature graying as of today. However, the best hair salon in Singapore offers ways to cover up graying hair if the condition is affecting the quality of life of the young individual.

Graying at Old Age

Graying hair is a result in the reduced production of the pigment responsible for a person’s hair color. Hair is naturally white, but the pigment comes from the melanin, which is formed before a baby is born. The hair color is decided by a combination of different factors, such as the amount of melanin present in the cortex of the hair shaft, the distribution of the melanin, and the type of melanin inherited from the parents.

To understand how hair color is determined, note that there are two types of pigments that are found on the hair follicles. The eumelanin or dark pigment and the phaeomelanin or light pigment mix together to create the variety of hair colors we know today. As the hair growth goes through the three phases (anagen, catagen, and telogen) the melanocytes inject the melanin into the keratin-containing cells. You might remember from your trips to the hair salon in Singapore that the keratin is the protein that makes up the hair.

As the person ages, however, the process of injecting melanin into the keratin slows down, as well as the production of melanin. As a result, the hair turns gray until it becomes white for lack of melanin. Like premature graying, there is no proven method to stop graying hair naturally. The best hair salon in Singapore, however, can you provide you with different options to care for your hair if you decide to embrace the process or cover it up if you don’t want gray hair.

Dos and Don’ts of Graying Hair Care

Your hair isn’t just a decoration that you need to style at the hair salon, but it serves as a protection for the body and helps regulate the body temperature. However, not only does aging make the hair turn gray, but it also affects the hair’s thickness. Hair loss is also a normal part of aging, although the rate of the hair loss might also be affected by the chemicals you use on your hair, your overall health, and exposure to pollutants and elements. That is why you need to keep it healthy by following the recommendations of your hair salon stylist in Singapore.

1. Highlighting is the best option to hide graying hair. The hair salon stylist will recommend this hair coloring technique because it’s easier to maintain.

2. Graying hair is dull, that is why you should probably change your hair products. The hair salon stylist can give you advice about which products are safe for dry, dull hair that will not aggravate the condition. You should also use the right shampoo and conditioner if you cover your gray hair with hair color.

3. Reduce exposure to hair products. Your hair salon stylist will advise you to limit your use of various hair products because graying hair is prone to breakage and damage due to reduced strength and elasticity. There are products for graying hair that you can purchase at the hair salon that will prevent damage and yellowing.

4. Reduce exposure to hair styling tools, especially items that produce heat, such as the curling iron, blow dryer, and straightener. You should also reduce your exposure to direct sunlight, because graying hair already lacks moisture and natural protection.

5. Do not forget to condition and moisturize graying hair daily, especially before going out.

6. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and de-stress. Vitamin deficiency, smoking, poor diet, and oxidative stress can all contribute to unhealthy hair.