How Does Television Affect Our Culture?

Television reflects badly on the society that we live in – we are seen to be mindless and fatuous because of how we sub-consciously, or at times even consciously, allow ourselves to be drawn into such fictitious and seemingly “exciting” harmful activities. Indeed, terrorist attacks have been increasingly rampant around the world, the more recent ones being suicide bombings in Pakistan, taking away the lives of many innocent victims and further depicting the degenerating state of our modern society. The ironic generation of criticism regarding such acts by our society, on our society, only serves to emphasize the foolishness on our parts, leading one to ponder over how a mere box with a primary purpose of entertaining could cause the decline of our society through the image it presents to its audience.


Furthermore, as globalization leads to more advancement and Man continues to evolve, society also evolves from a closely connected community as it was in the past where technology was scarce and less advanced, to a cold, unfeeling society of individuals. This is seen through the spate of crime, aggression, and violence that the world has been and is continuing to be exposed to. What the effect of such a development, or “progress”, signifies is a moral decline, presented not just through television shows produced by scriptwriters, but also through the broadcast of news which also constitutes a television programme. It is often read and heard about in the news, about offenders carrying out morally unethical acts such as sex-related crimes, or crimes arising from violence or aggression. For the most part, these offenders are influenced by drama serials such as ‘Sex and the City’, and ‘Big Brother’.