Give a Colonial Touch to Your Home

How to Decorate Your Home Using Colonial Pieces


When decorating our own homes, we want to give it an edge and elevate it from the usual home decorating styles of today. The perfect answer to this is to incorporate a colonial touch to your home using key pieces and choosing the right color palette.


Unsure if you can do it on your own without getting the help of an interior decorator? Not to worry, we’ll give you effective tips on how to decorate your home colonial style.

  • Dark wood furniture is a basic piece.

During the colonial times, original furniture from Europe made originally from soft wood could not stand the humid weather in the tropics. Native craftsmen solved this problem by recreating European-designed furniture but using local materials such as teak, mahogany and ebony.

These pieces are usually curvaceous in design and has a satin finish. Choosing the right furniture can upgrade the whole décor profile of your home.

  • Detailed pieces are a prominent colonial style staple.

During the colonial period, it’s all about the details. Typical details found in these pieces are plants, animal prints and shells.

Braverman.  Marc Appleton Architects.

  • Pay attention to the fabric and texture.

The garments used in colonial furniture are important details we should not overlook. Rattan and reed are some of the most used fabrics that go very well with dark wood.

  • Go light on the walls.

To accentuate and bring contrast to the dark wood pieces in your home, choose a light color palette for your walls. Tonal blues, soft greens and various shades of the color white not only emphasizes the colonial mood of your home, but also gives the room a feeling of calm and cool.