Choosing a Singapore Art Gallery

Art galleries in Singapore

Art galleries around the world provide platforms of artists to showcase their talent, especially in the form of oil painting. Singapore has a bunch of top of the line art galleries that host many famous artists as well as many new artists. Collectors Contemporary, element art space, Chan Hampe Galleries, 2902 art gallery are few of the most popular ones. Oil painting is the most common form of paintings that are sold. Some art gallery provides very impressive affordable art that attracts people from all over the globe. A good art alone does not attract customers until they are properly showcased. Art dealers help in getting good deals by promoting the art and the artist. Experienced art dealers are the best to work with.

About the dealers

Sales experience and communicating skills of art dealers must be tested before appointing them. News about good dealers in Singapore can be found in an affordable art gallery itself as long as you spend enough time looking. There are many dealers who are experts in selling affordable art. The dealers must have good knowledge about oil painting, water color painting or any other form of art that the artist will produce. Artists must make sure to pay the dealer only after selling the art. The general market value of the oil painting must be known first so that the dealer does not take more than he should get. Previous experience of artists and clients can be found out to be sure about the dealer’s work ethic.

Qualifications required

The qualifications that a good dealer of affordable art should process may vary according to the requirements of the artist but there are some basics that must be maintained. In Singapore a bachelor’s degree in Art History is a must have for any art dealer. Experienced dealers develop a niche about arts and thus can make great bargains in an art gallery. Additional knowledge in different fields like oil painting, photography, abstract art etc. is always a plus point. The dealer must be adept to current world economy also as the current trends defines the price shifts. Quoting the right price at right moment makes a lot of difference.

Few alternatives

One can also take the alternative of using online art gallery for looking for affordable art works. Locating a good online gallery is almost as tough as finding a good dealer. The website must portray the same type of art as the artist makes, so that the artist gets useful traffic. If the artist is an oil painter and the website sells more oil painting then it is an added bonus for the artist. Other artists who sell through that art gallery must be contacted to know their response about the website.