Changi Airport’s Interactive Enchanted Garden

Weary travelers at Changi Airport can now relax while waiting for their respective flights as the airport unveils its fifth themed garden and first interactive garden.

Enchanted Garden, located within Terminal 2 Departure Transit Mall, boasts an undulating footpath with a dramatic display of fiber-optic and LED lighting technology, as well as the use of infrared sensors.

Travelers will definitely enjoy the interactive experience with motion sensors triggering blooming of mechanical flowers and sounds of nature, giving them a surreal feel of nature.


The garden is made up of four huge glass bouquet sculptures that are intricately designed with a mosaic of shimmering and reflective stained glass, and within these glass sculptures are a variety of soft ferns and fresh flowers.

There is also a fish pond with archerfish and koi, and travelers can join in feeding them, thus completing the wonderful, relaxing experience.

Yeo Kia Thye, the Senior Vice President of Airport Operations said that, among the airport’s stable of gardens, the Enchanted Garden is the first interactive-immersive garden where travelers can stroll through a sanctuary that is complete with sights and sounds of nature.

He added that this latest themed garden represents the airport’s commitment of giving its passengers a wonderful experience during their stay.

Entrance to Enchanted Garden is free of charge and open to all passengers round-the-clock.

Changi Airport has pioneered the concept of having themed gardens since its opening in 1981.

Other themed gardens at Changi Airport include Terminal 1’s Cactus Garden, Terminal 2’s Orchid Garden and Sunflower Garden, and Terminal 3’s Butterfly Garden.