Overseas Weekend Getaway Destinations Just Hours Away from Singapore

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There are a lot of perks that come with living in Southeast Asia, and one of them is that the sheer number of gorgeous getaway destinations makes it easy to fill up a bucket list of places to go to.

And when the long weekend is right around the corner, there’s even more reason to pack your bags and book a flight for your quick vacation.

Here are five amazing getaway spots that are just four hours away by plane from Singapore:

1. Bintan Island, Indonesia
The many islands of Singapore’s neighbouring country are easily a go-to if you’re looking for the getaway destination to make your long weekend, and Bintan is only close to an hour away by ferry.

Not only is there an abundance of lush, white sands for you to soak up the sun in, but there are also all kinds of eco-tours that you can book, such as the Bintan Mangrove Discovery Night Tour and the Air Adventures Flying Club.

2. Bangkok, Thailand
In The Land of Smiles, you can easily do a year’s worth of shopping in as little as seventy-two hours, and with the sheer number of cafes to grab a quick bite and a cup before heading back to Platinum Mall, there’s no stopping you from filling up your bags to your heart’s content.

Great street food? Busy nightlife? A vibrant hipster culture on the rise? Sounds like a recipe for a great urban getaway!

3. Ipoh, Malaysia
It’s hard to ignore Ipoh if you’re a foodie looking to excite your taste buds with dishes you’ve never tried before, and this lesser-known food capital is in a league of its own when it comes to Malaysian cuisine.

Aside from old hawker stalls and coffee shops serving traditional heritage dishes, you can also find a lot of cafes selling their own different spins on artisanal baked goods.

4. Yangon, Myanmar
It’s easy to see why the country’s commercial and artistic center is now quickly becoming a hotspot for tourist hordes, and why you should book a flight to Yangon before it gets too crowded.

Not only is the local cuisine amazing, but you’ll also find the trifecta of tradition, culture, and history something that’s definitely worth checking out – and that’s not including the Shwedagon Pagoda!

5. Luang Prabang, Laos
Trails of preserved temples, detailed wall carvings, and magnificent natural wonders all await you at the heart of Laoatian culture, and when you get to a place awarded with the UNESCO World Heritage Stamp, you know that it’s the real deal.

And once you’ve seen the temples on your first day, don’t forget to head on over to the Elephant Village Sanctuary to get up close and personal with elephants.

Best Beaches in Asia

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Asia is home to some of the best beaches in the whole world due to the tropical climate and the proximity to the seaside and the ocean. For anyone looking to go to the beachside and enjoy the sea breeze while sipping piña coladas all day long, here are some of the best beaches in Asia.


  1. White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is arguably the top tourist destination in the Philippines as many vacationers flock to this little island most especially during the summer season.


  1. Sipadan, Malaysia

This beach has been voted as the best diving spot in the whole Asian region because of the beautiful corals and the healthy fish population and diversity.


  1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 

Palawan is not only home to the famous Underground River. It is also home to the beaches in El Nido with its pristine waters, white sands, and green hills.


  1. Phra Nang, Railay, Thailand

Not only does it have great beaches, it is also a destination for seasoned climbers as the whole area is surrounded with hundreds of limestone structures attractive enough for a challenging climb.


  1. Akajima, Okinawa, Japan

This beach is one of the more popular ones for Japanese locals. The best thing about it is that it is rarely populated save for Japanese surfers, which makes it certainly the ideal spot for anybody looking for a secluded beachside holiday.


  1. Palau Derawan, Indonesia

This beach is home to some of the best marine animals in Asia. Green turtles are usually spotted along the coasts and beaches of this tourist spot. Manta rays are also commonly seen around the waters of this comfortable beach spot.


Best Value Destinations in Asia

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Vacations aren’t only for those who are filthy rich. Everyone deserves to be able to go on vacations once in a while. And, of course, not all vacation spots in Asia are expensive. There are cities and locations that are affordable enough for anyone with a tight budget or just about anybody looking to go cheap in travelling. Here are a few destinations that are not only affordable but also great for vacations.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Flights to Thailand are often some of the cheapest ones on the market because of the air traffic in Bangkok. Bangkok is a big city and could be intimidating for anyone who has not experience the big city life. However, Bangkok has a lot to offer. It houses big malls, plenty of affordable street food, and thousands of shops to choose from.


  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Almost everything in Vietnam is comparatively cheap compared to other cities and countries. That’s why Hanoi, the ancient capital of Vietnam, is one of the most sought after destinations for anyone looking to go on a vacation on a tight budget. Vietnam is home to some of the best and cheapest street food and restaurants in the whole Asian region.


  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Another Vietnamese destination, Hoi An is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Hoi An is arguably Vietnam’s top tourist spot for any walk of life as it allows tourists to enjoy the life in a fishing village. Cheap accommodations surround Hoi An, which makes it ideal for any tourist.


  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is home to numerous resorts and white sand beaches. It is an ideal site for anyone looking to enjoy the life at the beach while trying to survive on a budget. There are plenty affordable beach resorts in Bali and temples and attractions just as plenty.


  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia, much like Vietnam, is one of the cheapest countries to live in Asia. You can even argue that Cambodia is the cheapest vacation spot in Asia. However, what’s expensive about Siem Reap is the admission to its number one tourist attraction, Angkor Wat. This attraction houses numerous ancient temples that make you feel what it’s like travelling back in time.


  1. Hong Kong

Well, Hong Kong isn’t exactly the cheapest of destinations in Asia. But, as far as modern big cities go, Hong Kong is as cheap as it gets. In this bustling city, you’ll know what it feels like being in the West but with a taste of Asian culture and tradition.


5 Places Where You Can Find Cheap Flight Tickets

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Most of us have probably experienced queuing in the airport just to wait for some last-minute ticket discounts, which is really not an easy thing to do, even if you’re determined enough to go on your last-minute vacation. Luckily, there are other accessible places where you can find cheap flight tickets and here are some of you can possible score cheap flight tickets.


  1. Travel Websites. One the most common place to find cheap flight tickets is in online sites. Some of these sites allow you to tailor your trip around a particular budget. Websites like SkyAuction.com and PriceLine.com uses a bidding system that allows you to name your ideal ticket price. While sites like Expedia.com, on the other hand, operates by showing a comparison chart of the rates from different airline carriers. Experts suggest monitoring the prices posted on each site, especially unknown sites, to ensure that you’re not dealing with a shoddy resource.
  1. Airline Companies. Competition between airline companies are quite fierce and the cost to stay as competitive as possible is also quite high. Because of this, most major airline companies offer discounts on their internet fares to drive customers online where flight booking is cheaper for them.


  1. Travel Agents. Although most travel agents add extra fee when you book your flight with them, their access to discounted tickets will still help you save some extra bucks. Also, consider the fact that they do all the legwork required to find the best ticket price for you, so let that extra fee pass as your tip for their services.
  1. Email Lists. Searching through various websites every day just to find the cheapest airfare can become a tedious process, even for a motivated traveller like you. So if you’re going to be serious on saving money while travelling, then we suggest that you subscribe to an email list to keep you informed of the best deals either on a daily or weekly basis. Some of the good email lists you can check on include Last-Minute-Vacation-Guide.com and TravelZoo.com.
  1. Travelling on a courier’s schedule and delivering their packages instead, is another good way to save on your ticket. However, courier travel has its fair share of pros and cons. While going a courier travel will get you a cheap or even free ticket, you won’t always have roundtrip flight. Plus, you’ll seldom get a luggage allowance in a courier travel. If you’re still willing to try going on a courier travel, then we suggest checking out Courier.org, or the website International Association of Air Travel Courier.

Scoring a cheap ticket isn’t easy but through these options, you now have a bigger chance of being able to travel without spending so much money.


Cheapest Travel Destinations in Asia

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Thanks to their cheap lifestyle and thriving backpacker culture, Asia has always been one of the prime destinations for most adventurers. Cities like Hanoi and Bangkok have long been recognized as some of the places where the dollar’s value can be stretched. Other than these cities, there are also other places in Asia where travelling doesn’t necessarily come with a price and here are five of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia.


  1. Pokhara, Nepal

Known as one of the backpacker havens, Pokhara offers a huge array of budget, and premium and mid-range hotel choices for travellers. Its sheer number of outdoor activities is what makes it possible to customize one’s cost-effective stay. While its towns offer tons of trek sites for adventurers, non-thrill seekers also have the option of spending their day paddling in the middle of Phewa Lake, or checking out one of the most stunning waterfall in Nepal, Davi’s Fall. You’ll also never go hungry in the streets of Nepal since their street foods only costs pennies, while a nicer dinner won’t cost you more than five dollars.

  1. Vientiane, Laos

What adds to the Laotian capital’s charm is that it resembles a riverside town instead of the country’s political centre. Its location is largely walkable and it doesn’t have the tourist-inflated prices that foreigner-packed places like Vang Vieng has. In fact, having a nice meal, downing a few beers and wandering the whole place will barely cost you a few dollars.

  1. Sapa, Vietnam

As a whole, Vietnam has been known as a haven for saving money for most backpackers. It is home to world’s cheapest hoi bia, and beer. Also, with just five dollars you can already rent a motorbike to tour Sapa and its neighbouring villages. Another reason that makes Sapa an ideal location to visit is that it sits right in the centre of the best sceneries in Vietnam. If you save even more, backpackers recommend visiting the place during winter as entry visas are cheaper during this time than in summertime.


  1. Bagan, Myanmar

If you’re considering visiting a place full of pagodas, temples and stupas, then Bagan is the place to be. Just by renting a bike, you can already tour its temple-dotted landscape throughout the day. Another way to explore its lovely sights is by riding a horse-drawn cart, which is total steal at just around 20 dollars compared with the 300-dollar hot air balloon ride just to see the sunrise over the temples. Like in other Asian countries, their food and drinks are also dirt cheap.

  1. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Eating street foods and spending your whole time in the beach is what makes a truly cheap stay at Sihanoukville. Other than that, you can also go on boat trips to nearby islands for just 20 dollars, or be daring enough to try windsurfing or go on a 4×4 excursion without putting so much strain on your bank account. After that, you can just go back to your guesthouse, enjoy some cheap beer and see the beautiful sunset.

Experiencing Asian culture has now become easier thanks to these cheap travel destinations. Get to experience it yourself and cross out each place in your must-go-to places now.


How to Fabulously Survive a Long-Haul Flight  

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Do you want to know how to enjoy long hours of flight? Fly private. However, if you’re one of us who just don’t have that luxury in life, there several tricks you can do to fabulously survive a long-haul flight.


  1. Get a Convenient Seat

You have three options for this. First, pick a good seat when booking your flight. Choose a seat nearest to the aisle, window, or entry point. As much as possible, never choose a seat next to the bathroom. Trust us, you’ll not like it there! Second, if unhappy with your first choice, try to see if there are open seats when you check in and ask if you can switch seats. If the airport agent doesn’t allow you, this brings us to your last option, upgrade your seat—or else you’ll have to fly uncomfortably and miserably for 15 hours.

  1. Sleep As Much As You Can

The less time you are awake to realize how boring a 23-hour flight is, the better. For a long flight, this is the best time to pop some sleeping aid. Also,, don’t forget to bring an eye mask with you. Since you have very limited control of the lighting of the place, an eye mask will save you from uncomfortable glare.


  1. Hydrate

Hours of exposure in a circulated area can be dehydrating, so always have a bottle of water with you. Of course, don’t forget your skin. When you wake up from hours of sleep, start moisturizing by wiping your face with pre-moistened facial wipes. Then, apply some eye masks to de-puff and brighten your under-eyes. Lastly, slather on some face moisturizer to totally rehydrate your face.

  1. Refresh

After prepping up your skin, it’s time to wasp the smell away. Head to the bathroom and brush your teeth or use mouthwash strips to freshen your breath.  Don’t forget to swab some deo and a couple of sprits of cologne to mask the stench.  Remember though that this is just a temporary fix—not a substitute for shower. Once you get to the hotel, that’s the first thing to do.

  1. Reapply Your Makeup

When crammed in a small space, such the plane bathroom or your plane seat, it’s best to stick to the necessaries that will make you look fresh. Nobody has got time for smoky eyes and sharp contours, so we suggest putting on just some under-eye concealer, a bit of blush, a coat of mascara, and a swipe of lipgloss. Now you’re ready to fabulously face the world again.

Long flights can really be dreadful. But because we don’t have any other choice to get much faster to an overseas destination, all we can do is to adjust and make sure we have everything we need to make our flight as convenient and comfortable as possible.