4 Fun Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Flight

Rushing to the boarding gates when your electronic devices are running low on power is not a great start to a long flight that could last more than ten hours. And when you don’t find any outlet to plug in your phone or laptop, things can be quite inconvenient and boring.

Because technology is now widely available, it can be easy to take them for granted and their value is only really appreciated once they’re no longer easily accessible.            

However, you don’t have to sweat out several hours of flight time in your seat being bored without your phone or laptop to keep you entertained or be able to work. There are still a lot of ways to pass the time on a long trip, such as the following:

1. Read something.

This is the time when you’re thankful you packed a book or two for the trip. (Hint: always pack more than one.)

Boredom is the best vehicle for your imagination to start soaring in the skies, after all, and this should always be a back-up in case your entertainment systems fail or aren’t available. If you’re lucky, you can even finish it in one sitting.

2. Write/draw/color.

Putting your thoughts to paper can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, “doing something that consumes time” is just what you need to get through this flight, so doodle/write/color away!

It also helps for you to recollect your thoughts if you haven’t had the chance to lately, and if you have the window seat, you can find yourself with some pretty interesting introspections on life.

3. Strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger.

If you’re not afraid to socialize, engaging in small talk with the person next to you can be a good way to pass the time.

If you’re afraid of socializing, however, this is all the more reason to get over your fears and practice your social skills. Some of the most amazing interactions you can have with other people can be had on the plane – you might even disembark with a new friend who can show you around.

4. Sleep off the boredom.

Why not catch up on some shut-eye while the plane makes its course? With nothing to do but sit and wait, you might as well take the chance to get some rest after a long day of planning your trips, budgeting, and packing.

This is a case where bringing in a neck pillow might actually be a wise investment – for something as low as fifteen dollars, you can save yourself from a stiff neck or neck pain while dreaming away the ten-hour flight.